Best Fitness Tracker for Christmas 2017

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Best Fitness Tracker for Christmas 2017


With a lot of different exercising equipment available and an ever increasing demand for gym equipment, it’s a clear indication that people now prioritize health and fitness. During the holiday season, people are often confused about what to gift their loved ones. Well, how about a fitness tracker? You can surprise your best friend by purchasing a top of the line fitness gadget and they will surely love it, as it is really cool to wear on the wrist. Besides, your friend really needs to cut out on the fries and hit the gym so what a better gift than a fitness tracker, right?

Fitness is important for multiple factors but the foremost is how the body functions properly, even under extreme conditions. It is an investment of time, effort and money into making sure you are physically able to carry out your daily routine. For example, if the body is an engine, the exercise would be the lubricant that helps it to function in a smooth manner. Many people have turned exercising into a lifestyle and applied it to stay fit.

However, even while exercising, many people wish to see how they are doing. They want numbers, i.e. statistics that show how their body reacts to all the effort they are putting into it. Many of the gym machines, such as cross trainers, now feature the ability to detect some of the readings from your body. That would have been enough if it were the same with people exercising outdoors.

This is where fitness trackers come into play. A wearable device around your wrist, a fitness tracker records your daily physical activity. Not only that, it also records other data relating to your fitness or health, such as the number of calories and heart rate. People often complicate things while making a decision to purchase one because they think it is useless and does not provide accurate information.

However, these fitness trackers were designed and programmed to be able to detect a change in the conditions in your body. They are backed up by countless research articles that prove this theory and therefore are the best portable way for you to get to know your body more.

Types of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers have a large urban market and more are being designed to facilitate different conditions. An old heart rate tracker may now include sleep measurement or it may also calculate how much you have run. To better understand them, here are the different types of trackers available:

Basic Trackers

An example of a basic tracker would be the Omron HJ-230. If you are having trouble with finding motivation, the Omron Tracker helps you by measuring the distance you have travelled. It features having an accurate step count that works in all directions as well as positions. It automatically resets at midnight so you don’t have to worry about miscalculations.

Another example could be the Fitbit Zip. This little tracker not only calculates your steps but also calculates the amount of calories that you may have burned during your trip. You are also able to sync this device to your smartphone or computer so you can share your stats with friends and family.

Top of the Line Trackers

With some extra cash, these trackers can benefit you a lot more than ordinary ones. For example, the Garmin Vivosmart HR is a tracker that is comfortable to wear, shows your stats throughout the day and can also measure activity intensity. Adding to that, this device also sends you text messages, emails, and events on social media by syncing it to your smartphone. Overall, it is like a mini computer around your wrist, giving you that James Bond feeling.

Another tracker along the lines is the Misfit Flash. Not only is it beautiful to wear, it allows you to control any household device that is connected with a press of a button. If the future wasn’t here before, it sure seems like now because all you have to do is sit and relax and let the tracker on your wrist do its magic.

Benefits of Fitness Trackers

Inactivity does lead to a number of diseases and heart problems. Most of the lack of motivation comes from the lack of information we have about our body. If we were to know just how about our body needs to suffice and how much extra to build muscle, we can be sure to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Fitness trackers therefore are extremely beneficial for you but to make things easy, here are a few benefits for you to decide whether you want to buy one or not:

Helps With Your Goals

You might be a runner that has aligned goals for yourself but how do you know your true potential? It is by tracking your statistics through a fitness tracker. Maybe you haven’t been able to run in a long while and require realistic tips and set goals for yourself. That’s where the fitness trainer comes in as it gives you tips and sets realistic goals that you can achieve in your current state.

All about You

The gym can be a demotivating place as you look around and you feel a sudden burst of anxiety rush through your body. Everyone looks like ‘King Leonidas’ from the movie 300 but you haven’t been able to land a single set. Whether or not you work out regularly, the gym can be pretty nerve wracking. Most of the time, you are thinking is whether or not the exercise you do is doing you any good.

You begin to doubt yourself and that is not exactly what you need. Instead, if you were to purchase a fitness tracker, you would be able to know what you are doing actually helps you. You are reminded that you are actually making a difference to your body and that keeps you going.

Financial Motivation

Instead of going out to find fitness models and trainers who can send you off to get tests that may cost you a fortune, a small investment can save you both time and money. Both the fitness tests and the fitness trackers provide you the necessary information you need to keep on exercising. The only drawback to tests is they cost a lot and have to be retaken whereas fitness trackers can be purchased once and used for a long time.

Group Motivation

The thing about posting your statistics through fitness trackers is that your friends can help motivate you further. The statistics you post on gym groups may help you get some valuable advice that may motivate you and prove effective as well.

You Can Track Your Sleep

Not too long ago, tracking your sleep meant you are on a bed with a couple of wires attached to your forehead and arms. This modern equipment has reduced that to just sleeping while wearing wrist band. Fitness trackers can easily track the quality of your sleep based on your movement during sleep. Everyone knows sleep is essential in staying healthy and energetic. By detecting the amount of REM sleep you get, the tracker can better your condition so you may sleep longer or less.

Variety of Trackers Available

Many inquisitive buyers will be glad to know that there are a variety of trackers available in the market to choose from. These trackers consist of different features depending on your needs and wants. Some trackers even have features like a GPS that may help your while you are hiking on an unknown trail. In the end, most of them are customizable.

Can Measure Blood Oxygen Count

Some of the advanced trackers check your blood oxygen count that helps you understand how well your lungs are working. This data therefore will clearly highlight your fitness level and whether or not you should increase your stamina. Performing cardio exercises while wearing the tracker is a quick and easy way to find out about your current fitness levels.

Can Monitor Stress Even

These gadgets are slowly evolving to measure every single function of your body and what better way to show that than by measuring the stress levels. This, however, has a two-way effect because if you find out if you are under stress, you might feel even more stressed. Therefore, it is advised to only purchase a tracker if you are sure of your ability to calm yourself down once you get to know the condition.

How to Choose the Right One

With so many fitness trackers to choose from for the holiday season, we understand you need help with deciding on the one that would perform the best. To help you out, here are a few things to consider before you purchase a fitness tracker. Keep in mind that these are all suggestions and that you should depend on your personal fitness level and preferences in order to choose the right fitness tracker:

Know Your Goals

You need to consider all the types of activities you will be doing before you consider purchasing a fitness tracker. List down your own goals and compare them with the different features available to make a decision. Those who are new to exercise, or are just trying to get moving more, may get everything they need from a basic step tracker.

These trackers will simply tell you how much calories you have burned. Those who are regularly active may want a device with advanced features, like heart rate monitoring and automatic activity recognition. The machine will track your performance and progress, enabling you to make the necessary adjustments to improve the results you wish to achieve by working out.

The Design

You have to be comfortable with the way the tracker looks and feels. The design is essential as you need to wear the tracker most of the times and without really liking the tracker, it is quite pointless to purchase it. With more advanced designs with larger displays, beautiful LED lights and even touch screens, you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Some of the fitness trackers can also be worn as pendants around the neck to make it aesthetically possible for you to wear them everywhere. On the other hand, if you are looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker, consider a watch-style device. From the outside, these trackers appear to be analog wristwatches, but they can also count your steps and calories burned.

Is It Water Resistant?

This is an extremely helpful feature if you are planning to go swimming while wearing the tracker. Water resistance means your tracker is durable and more importantly, you don’t have to take it off while washing your hands. This way, you save time by not having to constantly take it off even while taking a shower.

Screen or Without Screen

By purchasing a tracker with a built-in screen, you can keep track of time and also carry out some other important functions. You can even use some of your mobile apps on your fitness tracker, such as for playing music or playing games. The screen also helps by giving you notifications and guided workouts whereas in a normal fitness tracker, these features aren’t available. However, to get more you have to pay more and therefore you have to decide if you are willing to invest that much.

Battery Life and Charging

As inconvenient as it is, you have to charge your fitness tracker. Now the real question is, do you want to charge your fitness tracker everyday or do you require a band with enough battery to last a longer period? It is quite irritating to have to charge your fitness tracker everyday so be sure to check if the one you want has a good battery life. Bands now fall into two camps: those that require charging every five days via a USB cable and devices that use a cell battery that lasts around six months. Deciding which one is better ultimately will reduce your extra effort.

Some Recommended Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Alta HR

This small tracker has a long battery life and a stylish design combined with improving app software. It’s priced at $150 on Amazon and is a popular product.

Fitbit Charge 2

Termed as a ‘great tracker for gym workouts’, this tracker is Fitbit’s newest band that measures heart rate and has GPS. Completely waterproof to withstand your strokes while swimming, this device is priced at $149 on Amazon.

Garmin Forerunner 235

Both casual and serious runners interested in an all-in-one band are advised to purchase this one. With an overall rating of 8.1, this running watch can measure heart rate, blood oxygen and has a beautiful display. It’s priced at $330 on

Fitbit Flex 2

A slim tracker that is famous for being discreet, the Flex 2 is a swim-proof fitness band that can track basic data and supports a variety of accessories. It is priced at $60 on

Garmin Vivamove

With an overall rating of 7.8, the Garmin Vivamove is the most stylish fitness tracker there is. If you are looking for style as well as functionality, this fitness tracker is the best deal for you. It is priced at $90 on Amazon.

Fitbit Zip

If you are looking for something small that you can clip onto your bag, this here is the option for you. With a six-month battery life, the Fitbit zip is the best option for those who wish to spend less and do not care much for additional features. It is priced at $58 on Amazon.

Fitbit Blaze

This band contains some features that you can find in smart watches. With a built-in heart-rate sensor and a good battery life, the Fitbit Blaze doesn’t just look good, but performs great as well. It is priced at $194 on Amazon.

As you can see now, the best fitness tracker depends on all these factors mentioned above. Different people have different preferences but even so, some of the fitness trackers mentioned in this article are the best in the market. Whether you plan on gifting someone a fitness trainer for Christmas or buying one for yourself, you or that person will not be disappointed as these trackers only help to make life a little bit easy. They can help improve your health by knowing your condition and if possess the financial means, ’GO FOR IT!’.

Of course, do make sure you don’t rush into a purchase. As mentioned, there are a large number of fitness trackers available on the market today. This is why you are bound to feel somewhat confused when having to select one. A good idea is to consider all the factors mentioned above. At the same time, don’t keep price as the sole factor because price is usually reflective of quality when it comes to the best fitness trackers. If you want a high quality product, you will have to pay accordingly. Hopefully, now you will be able to choose the best fitness tracker for Christmas 2017.


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