24 Hr Fitness – What it is and Why to Join (An Easy Guide)

24 hr fitness - Tree of Fitness


Whether you’re planning on resuming your gym activities, starting out as a newbie or just have no clear where to being your workout regime, 24 Hour Fitness is the right place for you! Here you’ll always be welcomed and connected with results that will make you a stronger, bolder, more incredible you, both inside and outside the gym. 24 Hour Fitness is considered the world’s largest privately owned and operated fitness center in the United States and currently has over 420 clubs in 18 states and more than 4 million members.

24 hr fitness - Tree of Fitness

Why 24 Hour Fitness?

24 Hour Fitness does not only provide its members with top-notch fitness equipment, but also has a passion for empowering members to live fit and healthy lives. At 24 Hour Fitness, you can be yourself, get the inspiration and support you need to achieve your best and go at your own pace.

24 Hour Fitness’ major goal is to guide its members to success while giving them the tools that will allow them to attain that success consistently. At 24 Hour Fitness, you stand a chance to experience workouts that are not just challenging and motivating, but also fun-filled and inviting.

There are a couple of super attractive offers and services the fitness club renders that make it exceedingly irresistible and the best choice.


GX24™ classes provide members with good vibes that give everyone a welcoming environment to sweat-it-out in, being challenged to push beyond their limits with everything from cardio and dance to strength training and yoga. Al of this is included with your membership—in this way it is easy for members to find the best class for them—the one that gives you the energy and edge to move your day from ordinary to extraordinary. All classes are led by amazing instructors.
Every member has the liberty to pick a class from the various class categories that best suits their need. These class categories and some of the classes/exercises to expect include;


This class is great for members who want to sculpt their bodies and strengthen their core with Bodypumps, Aqua, Crunch time, and other exercises like barre, Pilates or conditioning classes for every level. There’s simply no substitute for building strength that lasts.
Intensity: This class let’s members find their intensity. Here total strength meets agility, quickness and speed powered with exercises designed for the athlete in you. From athletic conditioning classes like Les Mills Grit, HighX, Athletic training club (ATC), to Martial Arts classes like Body combat, Boxing Boot Camp, Turbo Kick; this class category let’s members discover their calling and challenge their fierceness.


If pumping up your heartrate and torching calories with music-driven cardio, cycle or dance is what you desire, then this class category is perfect for you. You don’t need any experience at all—just get in, get moving and get the best hour of your day! Some of the classes in this category include cardio classes like body attack, cardio mix and cardio step, dance classes like Zumba, U-Jam fitness and cardio dance party, cycle classes like, RPM, cycle boot camp and cycle 24.


Nourish your well-being, body and soul, with an array of yoga and regeneration classes. Inspired instructors in this class category blend modern and traditional practices to help you find your practice and radiate inner strength. Classes in this category include Yoga classes like: Body flow, Hatha Blend Yoga and SilverSneakers Yoga; Meditation classes like Mind Body Fusion, BOOM Mind and Energy Stretch, Regeneration classes like Relax & Roll, Stretch Release and Tai Chi.

Kids’ Club

24 Hour Fitness makes sure also that you do not get to chose between getting your exercise done and ensuring your child/children get theirs too. 24 Hour Fitness’ Kids’ Club gives children from 6 months through 11 years old a fun, safe and supervised place to play while you get on with your workout. Kids’ Club attendant personnel are certified in CPR and First Aid, and must pass a background check before they’re hired, provide plenty of activities, games and crafts to get kids moving, playing and making new friends.

How do I use the Kids’ Club?

The Kids’ Club let’s you add your child to your member account without having to spend time ever on another form. All you need to do is use your Card less Check-in at any Kids’ Club (or show us a valid ID), and 24 Hour Fitness can pull up the info they need to keep your child safe and smiling. Alternatively, you can purchase a single Kids’ Club visit at the Front Desk, or if you plan on using it often, you can sign in to My24 and add a Kids’ Club agreement to your membership. You can then set up monthly automatic payments, and save time and money on future drop-offs.

My24 App

The My24 App is 24 Hour Fitness’ workout app that ensures nothing stands between you and your workout. The My24 app keeps all the tools you need on tap, hence making living fit a lot more easier. With 24 Hour Fitness’ free “My24 app”, members can find classes, join challenges, get workout ideas and more, and share your achievements with friends. And even synchronize it with other fitness apps and wearables for all-in-one-tracking against goals.
Some of the top features of this app are, it lets members search any or all of the 24 Hour Fitness clubs near them for the classes and instructors that they prefer the most, it lets them add their favorites directly to their calendar, so they never miss a chance to make their day great. With this app, members can also synchronize data from all their other fitness apps and wearables – including Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and more – and view their workout history in the My24 app making it easy to see their progress and celebrate results. Also, the app lets members set goals and assign deadlines for themselves. The My24 app will help track progress, so members can know when they are crushing it, and when they need to step it up a little more.

How much does 24 Hour Fitness Membership cost?

Initiation fee at 24 Hour Fitness ranges between $39.99-$89.99, and monthly dues range between $29.99-$99.99 per month, depending on club location and type. You can pay $49.99 Annual Fee once during first year of enrollment and annually thereafter. All these offers are available online or in the club. Offer applies to select All-Club Commitment memberships only. Excludes One-Club, Basic, Add-On and Limited Term Prepaid memberships. One year commitment required for Commitment memberships. Selected club of enrollment must be within 50 miles of purchaser’s residence. All-Club access depends on membership purchased. All-Club Sport memberships do not include access to Super/Ultra-Sport clubs. All-Club Super-Sport memberships do not include access to Ultra-Sport clubs.

What hours do 24 Hour Fitness operate?

A majority of our 24 Hour Fitness locations are open 24 hours a day. But to find out when a specific location is opened, it is advised to use the Club Finder. During the holidays, 24 Hour Fitness health clubs offer fewer hours giving all team members the time they need to celebrate with their families.

For Locations Search 24 Hr Fitness Near Me

24 hr fitness near me

If you have ever searched for 24 Fitness Near Me, you will see that the club has numerous options in numerous major cities across the United States of America. They are located from the center of most cities and stretch out into suburban areas.  The 24 fitness express gyms are particularly useful in crowded n city centers, and provide all the equipment you need to get in and out with an impactful and effective workout.  If you are wanting to know more about the location of any 24 hr fitness in your area, simply type in the search “24 Hr Fitness Near Me” and numerous locations will pop up for you to make the best choice for yourself.  Google does a great job with this and can quickly get directions to your nearest club.

What Special Offers do 24 Hour Fitness have?

Free Pass

24 Hour Fitness gives everyone the opportunity to experience a variety of amenities and group exercise classes at no charge. Intending members get a 3-day pass that is valid beginning on the first day of usage at a club. There are certain criteria to getting this pass though. The user must not have been a guest or member of 24 Hour Fitness within the last 6 months, only local residents are allowed, and no other discounts can be used with this offer. For a member to be granted the 3-day free pass, they must be at least 18 years old or 12 with parent. Personal Training is also available to members on the 3-day free pass only for an additional fee.

Member Ad-on Offer

24 Hour Fitness members can also add friends or family to their membership for as low as $29.99 per month. Members are allowed to have a maximum of 8 add-ons – with not more than 1 add-on between the ages of 18-65. Add-ons must live at the same address as Primary Member. Also, the add-on monthly dues must be debited from the same account as the original Primary Member.

24 Go On Demand Workouts

The one service that let’s you keep your fitness goals on track with online workouts you can stream anywhere. Raise your game in the club with weight workouts and more, or stream a studio class at home when the day gets away from you. 24 Hour Fitness has partnered with Daily Burn – producers of some of the world’s most popular online workouts – to offer you access to a huge library of workouts for more than 80% off as a member.

24Life Workouts

24Life workouts provide you with the expert insights you need to tackle your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for ways to prepare for your first 5k run, 10-minute Tabata drills, body-shaping weightlifting tips, or HighX and HIIT-styled training. 24Life keeps you moving toward your best with tips for a positive and productive mindset, smart strategies for movement, healthy nourishment habits for your body and regeneration practices for your soul. 24Life workouts are free to all 24 Hour Fitness members.

e-Newsletter and Special Offers

Members can sign up and receive free e-newsletters. This 24 Hour Fitness e-newsletters provide members with great information and inspiration for living healthier, growing stronger, having fun, and getting the most from their lives. By registering for 24 Hour Fitness’ e-newsletters, you can also receive special offers and promotions from the fitness club and all their partners.


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