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The Exercise Bike will Make You A Better Person!

If you are inclined to stay at home but at the same time want to stay fit, an exercise bike is the perfect piece of gym equipment for you. Exercise is necessary no matter what as it enables a person to function smoothly throughout the day. Like a lubricant, exercising helps keep your muscles and bones working, and also reduces the risk of injuries. Exercise is also important for keeping your systems in top shape, particularly your immune system and digestive system.

In the past, it would be difficult for you to measure your progress when you work out at home. With the technological advancements taking place, it is clear that better devices will be invented that enable us to better understand how our body functions. With that information, you can keep track of your progress and determine whether you are moving towards your fitness goals or not.

The reason exercise bikes and fitness trackers go hand in hand is they simulate a real life scenario. Even though you are stuck at home, it gives you the feeling of bicycling outside with a tracker that’s tracking your movements. If you do not already know, an exercise bike is a stationary piece of equipment that resembles an ordinary bike. A fitness tracker is a band around your wrist that detects many of your bodily functions, such as your heart rate and the distance you cover. The fitness tracker will also measure the number of calories you burn.

Both gadget and equipment work hand in hand towards ensuring you stay fit and healthy, whether it’s in your garage or outside.

Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracker Indoors and Exercise Bikes

There is both a positive and a negative side to exercising inside your house or apartment. However, one could easily lose motivation while exercising inside the house as they do not have anyone to compare themselves to.  This is where fitness trackers come in:

They Hold You Accountable

Most people need a slight push, especially in the morning to get up and exercise. If you’re wondering how to keep yourself motivated through a workout, there are several fitness trackers in the market that can help with that. Some fitness trackers even allow you to challenge your best friend to a workout and post your planned sessions online. This keeps you motivated as there is nothing like challenging your friend to an exercise contest, while staying at home.

Healthy Eating

A healthy lifestyle requires many sacrifices and as the old saying goes, ‘to win some, you have to lose some’. Similarly, how much you need to eat in a day to meet your goals must be tracked and you can do this through a fitness tracker. Using the exercise bike can rid your body of important nutrients, hence by tracking how much calories you have burned, you can plan your meals accordingly. A healthy diet is necessary to provide fuel for your exercise so that you don’t run out of energy.

You Can Start Right After Work

Some advanced trackers have special features, such as setting up a schedule that you can follow. Returning home from a hard day at work can leave you tired and just wanting to sleep. The notification system as well the alarm systems can remind you of your daily workout. In the end, you are able to take control of your body and start exercising.

Benefits of Owning a Normal, Spinning or Recumbent Exercise Bike

If weight loss is your primary concern, you won’t mind investing your money in an exercise bike. They provide the user with the ability to simulate cycling indoors where it is easy. After handling a hard day at work, it is good to know that you can still give time to your daily exercise. However, there are other benefits to exercise bikes and they include the following:

Regular and the Recumbent Exercise Bike Prevent Over-Training

One of the most common mistakes people make is they train too hard for their own good. In the start, you have to keep a slow pace and eventually increase it so your body can adapt to the changing conditions. By giving you the ability to regulate the speed at which you work out, exercise bikes can help you avoid this common exercise mistake. Regardless of the speed of your workout, an exercise bike helps strengthen the leg muscles as well as the thighs which are a primary target.

You Can Make Small Adjustments As Training Improves

Once you have reached a base level of fitness, the exercise bike is the perfect tool for you to intensify your normal routine. The adjustments of the bike are small but the overall effect they have is beneficial as it lets us challenge ourselves. You can adjust the speed and resistance on the bike and eventually move towards interval training. In interval training, you cycle at various speeds to build muscle and reduce fat at the same time.

Use the Exercise Bike at Any Time

Because the exercise bike belongs to you, you can use it whenever you want. Night or day, you can use the bike at whatever time that suits you. People now intend to utilize time more than anything and hectic schedules might lead to less time for the gym. Because you have an exercise bike at home, you can work out whenever you have time, or stick to your schedule. You don’t have to drive to the gym or wait for the other people to get done before you get your turn.

You Can Save Money

You might be wondering how buying an entire machine rather than paying for gym is cheaper. Well, ever think that you are not the only one who can benefit from the machine and that your family can also exercise on it? Since gym fees can be high, over time, you have to spend a substantial sum of money. Instead, you can make a one-time investment that will pay for itself down the line. With a decent warranty, you can rest assured your investment will pay off.

Normal, Spiining, and Recumbent Exercise Bike Presentation

Exercising Bikes Can Simulate Exercising Uphill

The option of adjusting the resistance of your bike is always there. You can use it to effectively simulate either flat ground cycling or uphill cycling. With a touch of a button, your heart rate increases as paddling becomes harder while at the same time, you burn more calories.

You Can Exercise In Private

People who are overweight sometimes lead self-conscious lives. Even when they join a gym, they feel like outcasts or misfits and therefore aren’t comfortable in exercising effectively. With an exercise bike, this changes as you can exercise your heart out and no one will see you do it.

You Can Finally Achieve Your Desired Body Shape

We all have the dream of possessing amazing bodies that are toned and impressive to others. By exercising at home on an exercise bike, you can achieve shapely thighs and calves along with a tight butt. Of course, it will require a lot of effort but in the end, the results will leave you in awe.

How to Purchase the Right Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes and it is really necessary that you are comfortable with the one you pick out for yourself. The internet has many reviews in which they market certain products excessively despite them being not suitable for the customer. That is why, here is a list that can assist you to pick the right exercise bike and make sure you get your money’s worth:

1.     Flywheel Weight – Comfort and Fluidity:

The flywheel works like this, the higher the weight, the more comfortable and fluid the cycling will be on a stationary bike. In case the flywheel is light, paddling the bike might produce jolts. This could disrupt your concentration as you exercise.

2.     Resistance – Mechanical or Magnetic:

In this regard, it is preferred to go for a magnetic one as it can directly be changed from the console. Similarly, if you were to purchase one with a mechanical option, you will have to adjust the resistance manually, which is inconvenient for most people.

3.     The Watts:

These watts are a measure of your pedaling power. The higher the wattage, the more you can exercise more efficiently. Make sure you purchase a bike with at least 300 watts of power and a maximum of 600.

4.     Console – With or Without Bluetooth:

You can connect your phone with the console and adjust the resistance remotely. Not only this, you can create different training programs and customize them to your preferences. Once you are done, you can start working out.

5.     Adjustable Seats:

Trust us, this might not seem like the most important factor right now, but an hour into the exercise session, you will realize its importance. The seat should be adjustable in order to keep a proper distance between your legs and the paddles. Apart from that, the seat is more comfortable if it is aligned with your waist so make sure you adjust it accordingly. Lastly, if you use it at home, different family members have different heights and this factor will ensure everyone gets the same experience as you.

Why is it better than Cycling Outdoors?

If you suffer from anxiety, paranoia or turrets, this machine is the best option for you to use in your daily lives. If you are too shy to go outside, an exercise bike provides a platform for you to build up the confidence needed in your own body. Yes, reports have it that many people decide they cannot go outside simply because they do not look good. If that is the case, this exercise bike will help you change that indoors and once you do, you can choose between cycling outdoors or indoors.

Second reason it is better is that cycling indoors means you do not have to sweat as much. Although sweat is healthy, it is quite often embarrassing for most people. By using exercise bikes instead of normal bikes, you can change that and still remain fit. Exercising is more of a lifestyle and if you are injured and still want to complete your cardio, it is recommended to use an exercise bike. Most of them are designed to be comfortable so you can paddle for hours on and not damage your backbone. It is worth mentioning that exercise bikes can help a person’s backbone problems to heal. That means anyone who can’t balance a bicycle outside, they do not have to. They can always try out exercise bikes and still get the job done.

Best Exercise Bikes for you

To make it easier for you to choose the best exercise bike for yourself, here are a few that have been given five stars by consumers themselves.

1.     Interactive Fitness – Expresso HD Upright:

This is one of the best exercise bikes out there in the market. Now, you can enjoy playing games as well as do your routine without worrying about anything else. This exercise bike lets allows users to connect to the internet and go over virtual reality rides. With a range of over 40 different simulations, you can rest assured that this exercise bike will make you lose weight in no time.

2.     Exerpeutic – Folding Magnetic Upright:

This folding bike exercise bike is fairly cheaper than most and gives you an economical way of purchasing a bike with many features. The bike not only looks great in design but it has the feature to fold easily which can save you a lot of space at home. The only con it has is that it has to be assembled upon purchase. However, with the right instructions you can do this quickly.

3.     Sunny Health and Fitness – Pro Indoor:

As the name sounds, this exercise bike allows users the activities necessary for a serious workout. It is mostly recommended for pro cyclists who need to keep up with routine. This exercise bike is designed to be performance oriented and give the user a thrilling experience. Although a little noisy, the features are more than enough to keep you from changing your mind.

4.     Schwinn – 270 Recumbent:

A solid structured bike that is designed to minimize the effect of budging while you try to paddle faster. With a twin LCD display, this exercise bike provides users with information on their workout and at the same time give a wonderful interface. It has a total of 29 settings to choose from while you can track your health as you paddle.

5.     Diamondback Fitness – Fitness Recumbent:

This particular exercise bikes craftsmanship can be seen in its performance and the way it looks. You will instantly fall in love with the sleek design of the bike. Some might think that its design cannot support the added pressure on top if but the hard steel alloy give it the extra durability needed to prove you wrong. It contains 16 different levels of resistance and provides 20 different workout programs based on the type of workout you prefer.

6.     Horizon – Fitness M4 Indoor Cycle:

This is the best option you have if you are starting new. Made for both pro cycling and newbie cyclers, this exercise bike is very affordable for an indoor bike. Along with that, you get a 20 year frame warranty in case of any damage to the bike. It comes with a number of features including replaceable paddles and comprehensive shipping options. Overall, many users recommend it as ‘fit for the fitness geeks’.

7.     Stamina – Magnetic Upright 5325:

If you are into lightweight designs that have multiple features in the package then this is the exercise bike for you. With a set of forward mounted wheels, this exercise bike makes it convenient for its user to use it without any extra and useless effort. The features also include a heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate as you paddle. Seeing how heart rate monitors increase the value of any exercise bike, it is quite amazing how the prices are not affected in this exercise bike.

Bottom Line

Both an exercise bike and a fitness tracker are excellent investments if you wish to cut down belly fat and acquire a well-shaped body. Their primary aim is to work on the thighs and legs as well as the bottom area. A good two hours on bike is enough daily to ensure you lose a good 600 calories just by that. But that can vary through the amount of effort you out in. Both hard work and determination along with a little help from these two devices will surely get you the results you deserve. You will slowly see a change in the statistics in the fitness tracker and notice how you are not gasping for air at the usual time you do while on the bike.

Of course, make sure you know what you are buying and check the warranty before you purchase it. In due time, these small measures will ensure a healthy lifestyle that you have always wished for. Your wishes can finally come true as you feel like a new person with a healthier body than ever before.


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