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When it comes to keeping our health and bodies fit, the part that regular and effective exercising plays cannot be overemphasized. Exercising lowers blood pressure, it allows our hearts to pump more blood efficiently with reduced strain, and generally, consistent and effective exercising keeps our whole body, mind and even soul healthy.

LA Fitness is an American health and fitness club that provides members with a comfortable, friendly and encouraging place to do their daily workout with standard state of the art equipment and facilities available for their use. LA Fitness has over 800 clubs across the United States and Canada. The company is privately-owned and based in Irvine, California. LA Fitness locations are open all seven days of the week. Check out their instagram to get a better idea of their space and their dynamic gym member base.

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Why Should I join LA Fitness?

With LA Fitness you already just what to expect. You get to work out with health fitness facilities and equipment that are both familiar and comfortable, and also, you get to perform your routines in a conducive environment, around staff and trainers who are ready to meet your every need. At LA Fitness, you get to meet people who greet you warmly, train professionally and even teach you with enthusiasm. LA Fitness is the perfect place to make your fitness experience and exceptional one.

Other reasons why you should join LA Fitness are; it is open all 7 days of the week with some locations open 24/7, the availability of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and cardio areas, group fitness classes that take place throughout the day, indoor heated lap pool, whirlpool spa and saunas, racquetball and basketball games with tournaments and leagues available, juice bar, swim school, locker facilities for safety of your belongings, personal trainers, kids klub (a babysitting feature of the fitness house), etc.


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What is the LA Fitness Guest Pass?

Let’s say you’re not a member yet, probably because you’re not completely sure what good LA Fitness can do you. LA Fitness lets you grab a guest pass. With this, you can experience freely for yourself all the ways that the fitness house can help you achieve your fitness goals. Although before the guest pass is granted, the guests must prove that they up to or above 18 years of age or are at least 14 years. Guest within the age range of 14 – 17 years who wish to get the guest must come accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and sign a waiver of liability to use the club facilities.

What does the LA Fitness Guest Pass cost?

The LA Fitness guest passes are free, anyone who meets the above mentioned requirements can walk into any LA Fitness facility and ask to try out the facility with a 3-day guest pass.

How much does LA Fitness Membership cost?

LA Fitness membership prices vary slightly depending on your location, but averagely, the fee for initiation is $99 and from then on, you have to pay $29.99 per month.

How old do I have to become a member of LA Fitness?

To become a member of LA Fitness and get complete access to use all the fitness house’s equipment and facilities, you should be equal to or greater than 18 years of age. Intending members under the age of 18 but between 14 – 17 years of age will need a parent or a legal guardian to sign up for them.

Does an LA Fitness membership include Guest Privileges?

Say you’re a member at LA Fitness already and you have a friend or two who wants to hit the gym with you, it’s is required that you get a guest pass privilege that/those friend/friends. This guest option is an add-on to your membership that you can apply for at the time of joining or subsequently. It cost an additional $20 per month and allows you to bring up to 2 guests with you each time you visit the facility as long as your membership lasts. Keep in mind that they will have to sign a liability waiver and will once again, more than likely, be solicited to after their visit to the facility.

How do I add a family member to my LA Fitness membership?

This is commonly known as FAO (Family Add-on). Doing this requires you to meet the Operations Manager who will in turn take you to the General Manager. You can go ahead and tell them that you want to add a family member(s) to your membership and you stand a chance to get a referral bonus. The cost for adding a family member would be around $28 – $29.99 per month plus an added fee for first and last month dues. The benefits of adding a family member to your membership instead of getting them signed up as a completely new member is that you stand a great chance to get reasonable discounts.

What other Special Services does LA Fitness offer?

  • Account Freezing

Let’s assume you suddenly get a tight schedule at work or school, or maybe you get injured or illness, or have other personal issues that interfere with your gym schedule. LA Fitness lets you freeze your membership throughout the period you will not be using their facilities with no questions asked whatsoever for $10 per month. This gives you all the time you need to attend to whatever pressing need there is and also saves you from paying initiation fees when you are ready to work out again.

  • Personal Training

LA Fitness lets members enjoy the benefits of working with a personal trainer. This personal trainers are ready and ready to help you from designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support. Every personal trainers is dedicated to helping the member assigned to him/her achieve their specific fitness goals. Personal trainers employ your specific goals in preparing a variety of effective workouts that’ll get you your desired results. Instead of only showing you how to use exercise machines, a personal trainer will teach you the principles of effective exercising that will benefit you for as long as you live. Through professional guidance, a personal trainers will teach you the right pace and intensity level is required to get into the shape you crave. Trainers also have the opportunity to spot your points of strengths and weaknesses and develop a specific program that’ll fix you all up. Personal trainers provide you with all the necessary motivation to maximize your results.

  • Group Fitness Classes

Do you want a fun and friendly environment with other members to motivate and challenge you? If yes, then LA Fitness’ Group Fitness Classes are for you. Whatever the kind or intensity of exercise you want, there is a LA Fitness Group Fitness Class for you. From aqua aerobics, yoga, low impact, high intensity, boxing, dance, etc., the group fitness classes have all the moves that will energize and tone you.

Some of this classes and the nature of their workout are;

Aqua Fit

This class is for everyone, especially those with joint injuries and ailments. The workouts in this class involve both warm and cold water.

Belly Dancing

The workout routines in this class involve moving your abdominal muscles and shaking your hips

Cardio Jam

Workout in this class involve fun but energetic moves inspired by dances that help you burn fat by keeping your body moving.

Boot Camp Conditioning

The exercises in the class lets you command power, strength and agility with its military inspired circuit workout that will push you to your limits.

Senior Fit

Workout in this class makes use of lightweight dumbbells to help improve muscle strength and bone density.

Tai Chi

This class employs the moves from the ancient form of martial arts to improve balance, agility, strength, and coordination.


Exercising with a series of dynamic movements that will increase your flexibility and restore balance and strengthen core muscles of the lower back and abdominals.


The Mobile App

The LA Fitness mobile app is a simple and powerful tool for all members. Some of the useful content and core functionalities that are exclusive features of the PA Fitness App are;

  1. The ability to check-in using your mobile device
  2. The ability to help you find club details and class schedules.
  3. It lets you schedule and manage personal training appointments.
  4. It keeps you informed about your fitness interests.
  5. It helps you create 14 Day VIP Guest Passes.
  6. It lets you review your workout schedule.
  7. It gives you quick access to your favorite clubs, classes and instructors.

The LA Fitness Store

LA Fitness has an online store where members can purchase LA Fitness branded items such as men’s wears, ladies wears, headgears, bags, etc.  Some of the items on the store include; dry-combat tees, premium logo tees, LAF vertical tees, the LAV deep-V elite vintage tri-blend tees, the accent tees, men’s burnout tees, burnout racer tanks, throwback ‘84 tees, men’s premium tanks, men’s contrast tanks, long sleeve fitted tees, men’s fitted thermals, fitted track jackets, premium logo hoodies, athletic mesh shorts, men’s cutoff sweat shorts, basic gym towels, etc.

So far, that as much as can be written here about LA Fitness.


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