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“Accomplished health fitness dreams, top-notch gym and fitness facilities, no Gymtimidation, free Pizzas and Bagels, all for just $10/month” What could be better?

Keeping our bodies fit and healthy has always and will forever be an essential part of our lives because of the numerous health advantages it lavishes on us. But these days, it’s quite unfortunate that getting enrolled in a standard gym or fitness house can be intimidatingly pocket attacking if not completely pocket draining. Also, it’s zeal destroying how noisy regular gym houses can be; with all the groaning from the big fellas, reckless weight slamming, etc.

Luckily, there’s hope for newbies like me who want to hit the gym at will, work out anyway they want and always feel free to be themselves without getting unnecessary intimidations from Kong-sized bodybuilders or unfriendly gym instructors. Wait a minute, did I just say hope? Actually, it’s SUPER FUN hope.

Planet Fitness; “The Judgement Free Zone” as it is called, is a comfortable and welcoming environment where members have fun while doing their work out routines with no form of “Gymtimidation” (intimidation or molestation from other members or gym trainers or staff) whatsoever.

Okay! To avoid skipping any of the very trilling services this company offers and all the benefits members stand to achieve, I am going to take some time and detail some very interesting things out.

What exactly is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is an American company which runs fitness centers and currently has over 1,300 clubs located all across the United States and in Canada all of which give the best value of any fitness or gym you can find.

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What Services does Planet Fitness offer?

Planet Fitness offers basically unlimited fitness training with all of their membership types. Whenever a member signs up, they instantly have access to a gym trainer who instantly designs a workout program for the member to get stated with if the he or she so desires. A lot of planet fitness’ members are first time gym users, so planet fitness go out of their way to create a welcoming environment filled with tons of great easy to use gym equipment and plenty of friendly staff to help with any questions you may have or problems you may encounter while working out. Planet fitness encourages its members to perform their workout routines at their desired pace. This means that members have the freedom to use any of the top-notch cardiovascular machines or any other machines for as long as they like.

In line with Planet Fitness’ highly referenced terms; “Judgement Free Zone” and “No Gymtimidation”, it means that choosing Planet Fitness for your gym and fitness activities provides you with an environment where you exercise freely without bothering your head about what the other gym member right next to you thinks you’re doing right or wrong. Because ideally, there’s no judgement in Planet Fitness. It also means that with Planet Fitness, you don’t get intimidated by other members or yelled at by gym instructors. Whatever workout you decide to perform is entirely your choice and you have every right to perform it at your pace; even all day if you choose to.

5 Reasons to Check Out Planet Fitness

Other secondary services Planet Fitness offers include

Membership Transfer: Say you’re travelling from New York to North Dakota, Planet Fitness lets you transfer your membership to a club nearest to your new location. This is an awesome service that I particular love because it saves the time, stress and money you would have had to spend in signing up at a new fitness center.

Membership Upgrade: Oh yes, you can upgrade your membership whenever you feel like it. So go on, sign-up for the standard $10 membership and whenever you feel your body needs more and wants your pockets to bring the cash out, you can upgrade to the Black Card membership which gives you more access to the gym and its facilities.

What Fitness Facilities can you find at Planet Fitness?

Like every other gym, Planet Fitness has workout equipment like power racks, barbells, bench presses, dumb bells, pull-up bars, leg press machines, stability balls, etc. But there are other more interesting ones we should consider. Planet Fitness has full spacious locker rooms with private showers and changing areas in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. There are also theatre system with all the cardio equipment so you can watch or listen to any of their big flat screens TVs or the planet fitness radio while you work out.

Talking about comfortable judgement free zone, another awesome facility Planet Fitness possess is the Lunk Alarm. The lunk alarm serves as a tool that ensures the gym atmosphere remains conducive and keeps everyone in check ensuring that one member does not disturb the other with load groans or careless slamming of weights.

One other very unique feature is the “PS Express 30 minute workout”. This workout circuit consists of 10 strength stations and 10 cardio-step stations programed to help you achieve full body workout in just 30 minutes. It operates on a red light green light system. When the light turns green, you have 60 seconds to perform the exercise and when it turns red, another 30 second to move to the next step in the sequence. By the time the 30 minute is up, you would have completed all 20 stations and would have gotten a full cardio answering workout.

What are the Membership Types and Pricing?

There are a few membership options anyone can choose from at Planet Fitness. First on the list is the “No Commitment” membership type which cost an initial sign-up fee of $5 and $10 for every other month. This membership type is super cost effective and gives the members the option to drop the offer at any time they desire. With this membership, the member gets T-shirts, unlimited access to home club and unlimited fitness training.

Next is the “Black Card” membership type which cost $10 as startup fee, and $19.99 per month for a minimum of 12 preceding months. That means $249.88 for a whole year. Before you conclude that is on the high side, wait until you see all the benefits. With the Black Card membership comes T-shirts, unlimited access to home club, unlimited fitness training, reciprocal use of all planet fitness locations across the country – which makes working out even on vacations possible. With the Black Card membership, members also get unlimited guest privileges at any planet fitness location, (check this out for some more clarity on the membership) use of tanning beds, unlimited use of massage chairs, and half price for all Cooler Drinks, and a lot more. Sincerely, I thought $249.88 for a whole year was too much until I saw all those benefits.

Last but most standard is the “Burn Calories, Not Cash” membership type which go for a startup fee of $20 and $10 per month for a minimum of 12 months. That’ll leave you at a rate of $140 for the whole year. Before signing up for this membership, it is advised that you call the club near you to be sure of what offer exactly you’ll be getting for your money because this membership comes with very specific deadlines and dates of expiration.

How old must you be to sign up?                                                                          

Planet Fitness welcomes and accepts members who are up to 18 years of age or older. Teenagers who are less than 18 years but more than 13 years old cannot become members and hence do not have access to Planet fitness except with permission and supervision of a legal guardian. Planet fitness does not on any circumstance accept members who are under 13 years of age and will never consciously collect information from anyone under the age of 13.

What other member benefits are there?

Apart from the comfortable and noise free environment, great easy to use facilities, and all the other services; there are other amazing benefits that every members can get all on their tiny signup fee. These benefits include; free pizza on Pizza Mondays that hold every first Monday night of the month and free bagel on Bagel Tuesdays that hold every second Tuesday morning of the month.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass?

If you are looking to try out a club, Planet Fitness does provide an awesome day pass for free!   You simple select which club you’d like to try out and fill in the necessary information and they send you a pass directly to your email.   You can find the free day pass here:  Planet Fitness Free Day Pass

As mentioned earlier, with the Planet Fitness Black Card membership, the member has unlimited guest privileges, meaning they can bring one guest per day to any location for free. One of the great advantage of this is that while you are getting in incredible shape, you can inspire any of your friends or loved ones to come along with you

If you don’t have the Planet Fitness Black Card, with the other membership types, members can bring a guest, at a daily rate of $20, and this can only be applied towards their membership if they join within 30 days.

Is there a Planet Fitness Mobile App?

Oh Yes there is! The Planet Fitness’ My Fitness App is a free app that lets you schedule and track your workout progress, whether it be your lengthy workout routines, jogs, sit-ups, or generally anything you wish.

The Planet Fitness Store

I couldn’t stop without telling you about the Planet Fitness (PF) store. The PF store is an online store where anyone can buy Planet Fitness branded products ranging from head bands, cotton flexfit hats, koozie bottles, buddy bags, buddy duffels, sport towels, etc. started from as low as $1.99. Black Card members can even workout their black cards, meaning they get 10% off every item they purchase from the store.

Planet Fitness Store

That’s basically what Planet Fitness is all about, a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, where you can work at your own pace and always feel like you belong, get to pay very low fees and definitely get free pizzas and bagels.


  1. I live in Guatemala but if I ever go to the United States.. Im going to check this place out¡
    Thanks for the awesome insight. Also, if there is anybody else reading this, please let me know if you like this gym or not. =D Please. There;s so many gyms in United States¡


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