Reclines on Decline! A Recumbent Exercise Bike Guide

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Recumbent Exercise Bike


Reclines on the Decline

I remember my first long-distance bicycle tour. I was a young, strong-headed bicycle messenger, proud as I was foolish. Pedaling across the United States, I met many men and women more than twice my age, involved in similar endeavors.

Interestingly, many of them had opted for recumbent bikes. They all touted the benefits of these (literally) laid-back machines: less stress on the lower back, greater leg extension, and less tension on the neck.

Through my twenty-year-old eyes, this seemed to compromise the integrity of cycling—recumbents were simply the option for those too weak or cowardly to use the upright bicycle.

Lower Back Pain and Pressure

More than ten years and five broken vertebrae later, I’ve come around to the benefits of the recumbent. My stance has softened; I’ve seen the light.

Turns out those older cyclists had once been just like me, and had pedaled and shifted through the customary cycling pains long enough to know better.

When there is a safer, more comfortable alternative, to not take it is even more foolish than I was, thought those reclining geezers were, looking back on their first bike tours.  I mean, you might as well have been on a spin bike, just spinning in place!

The simple fact is that the recumbent is a lower-impact solution to the common woes of upright cycling. Back pain and pressure is relieved by the angled backrest, and the larger seat reduces cramped ankle, knee, and hip joints. Overall pain and impact is reduced, making the recumbent a more comfortable ride.

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

A good recumbent exercise bike will not be cheap, but its investment will pay invaluable dividends. There can be no price tag on good health, and as we all already know the benefits of cycling, investing in a safe, comfortable recumbent stationary bicycle should be a no-brainer.

NordicTrack’s Commercial VR21 offers innovative design with integrated tablet technology. You can sync up your tablet and download the iFit app to ‘coach’ you through exercise routines, tracking your progress. The on-board computer features 32 built-in workout apps. The integrated workout fan keeps you cool while you pedal, and the included water bottle holder is a comfortable touch. A 23-pound flywheel offers significant resistance, facilitating a greater calorie burn and leg and core muscle development. A lumbar supported seat promotes the best in back comfort, enabling the user to pedal many miles in perfect comfort. Its fully adjustable design accommodates users of all sizes and dimensions.

The recumbent design of the Sole LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike offers low-impact workouts, with 40 different magnetic resistance levels on a 31-pound flywheel, catering to every strength level. Its 10-inch screen boasts Bluetooth-enabled technology, allowing its user to sync progress with various devices. Because it is such a low-impact machine, it is perfect for both fitness training and physical rehabilitation of all kinds. It comes with an industry-leading four-year warranty, and generates its own power, to further reduce usage costs.

For the budget recumbent trainer, bicycle industry stalwart Schwinn offers their MY16 230 Recumbent Bike. 22 preset exercise programs, 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance, and a dual-track LCD screen system offer fully customizable tracking and progress of fitness and rehabilitation goals. All fitness metrics can be transferred to personal devices via included USB adapter technology.

Lean back and pedal!

With a wide variety of stationary recumbent exercise bikes on the market, fitness and rehabilitation can fit any budget. Go the distance with the comfort and versatility of a recumbent stationary bike!



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