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Yoga Mat -

Yoga Mat : Why You Need One and Which One to Get


As more and more people choose the health-conscious route, yoga, among other physical practices, is now more popular than ever. And to anyone who practices the art of yoga, a yoga mat becomes essential for their enjoyment and success with yoga postures. These mats are primarily designed to prevent and decrease injuries that can be caused by slippery surfaces and can range from $20 to $150 and even more.

When choosing a yoga mat, you have all the right to be picky since there are many options. The style, material, level of thickness, and price are key factors that you should consider when purchasing a yoga mat.

Yoga mats typically range from 1/16 of an inch to 1/4 inch in thickness- and a few can even be thicker. There are dense and spongy mats that may be more comfortable when you are down on the floor, butthey may not be as steady when you are standing and balancing poses.

The thinnest mats often referred to astravel yoga mats, are 1/16 inch thick and are quite easy to fold and carry, but might be painful when used on a hard floor. These mats are ideal for those people who want their mats to be extremely lightweight and portable since they tend to roll up more quickly and are usually thinner than standard mats.

To help you find out more about what’s available in the market, we have reviewed a few yoga mats that you should check out.

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam is a top lifestyle brand with an aim to make yoga, fitness, health, and well-being accessible to and fun for all. At present day, the business has around 38,000 retail doors, 18,000 stores within stores, and e-commerce.

If you are a yoga enthusiast shopping at Gaiam, you will find a broad range of high-quality and affordable yoga products, including yoga mats, yoga towels, yoga, yoga mat bags and other similar accessories.

When it comes to yoga mats, Gaiam offers both beautiful designs and an array of colors. If you are not much into prints, then you can go for their Solid Yoga Mats. Their prices start at around $16 and can go up to $56.

Gaiam Print Premium Yoga Mat Features:

  1. 68’’ x 24’’ x 5mm
  2. Lightweight, long-lasting and extra-thick to provide additional padding for your joints
  3. A non-slip texture surface to offer excellent traction and also prevent injuries
  4. Beautiful designs and a range of colors

GaiamSolid Yoga Mat Features

  1. Double-thick premium mat
  2. Thickness level of ¼ inch
  3. 68’’ x 24’’ x ¼’’
  4. Easy to roll for quick storage
  5. Durable and lightweight
  6. Steady, non-slip surface to prevent injuries
  7. Made free of the top 6 most dangerous phthalates and latex-free
  8. Come in a range of vibrant colors

2. Jade Yoga Mat

JadeYoga is an eco-friendly organization committed to making the world’s best performing, most environmentally-friendly yoga accessories and contributing to the revitalization of theearth. The company mainly makes use of natural rubber, which is the most eco-friendly and best forming yoga mat material.

Their products range from yoga mats to yoga blocks, yoga towels, and other related gear. Because their products are so thoughtful and made from earth-friendly materials, they tend to be quite in the pricier range i.e. starting from around $40 and going up to $150 and even above. Again, you can find a diverse selection of designs, materials, styles, colors, and price, depending on your individual needs and preference.


  1. All natural and eco-friendly materials used
  2. Excellent grip – open cell natural rubber offers optimum grip
  3. High level of comfort thanks to added padding and more resilience provided by natural rubber
  4. Comprises of no synthetic plastics and materials that are harmful to the environment
  5. For every mat sold, JadeYoga plants a new tree through its partnership with Trees for the Future.
  6. Variety of sizes, designs, and colors available

Yoga Towel and its benefits

Another important accessory besides yoga mat is a yoga towel, which makes great a great addition to your yoga gear collection regardless of whether you are a novice or a veteran yogi.

Even though cotton is well known for its capacity to absorb sweat, most yoga towels varieties are made of microfiber, which is more efficient when it comes to absorbing sweat and keeping you and your yoga mat dry.

Yoga towel comes in a range of sizes, including mat-length and hand-size. If you are going for a yoga towel that covers all of your mats, make sure it is not too small or too broad. Here you will first need to know the measurements of your yoga mat and then look for the towel. Keep in mind that most mat towels measure up to around 24″ x 68″ or 24″ x 72″.

Another key factor that you should look for in a yoga towel is reusability. Since the main purpose of a towel is to absorb sweat, make sure you buy a towel that is easy to wash and can be dried off pretty quickly. Regardless to say, your yoga mat towel should be long-lasting enough to resist frequent washing.

Lastly, you will need to take into account the towel’s price. Cheap yoga towels can be bought for as low as $10. But if you are going for something long-lasting and comfortable, be prepared to spend somewhere around $20 to $35. If you decide to go for “premium” towels offered by high-end brands, you can expect them to cost around $50 or above.

  1. The majority of yoga towels are the same size as a standard yoga mat and feature a soft, absorbent material that can be used to serve as a yoga mat
  2. Extreme yoga workouts, like Bikram yoga, also referred to as “hot yoga,” actually bring about the sweat and the heat, making it necessary for you to have a quick absorbent by your side.
  3. Yoga towels can also be used as exercise and workout towels even for purposes outside of yoga. For instance, keeping an absorbent workout towel near your treadmill as you run or take a dance class offers easy access for you to pat dry yourself during break times or after the workout is over.
  4. Since they specifically designed to dry out quickly, yoga towels can be regularly and repeatedly used during periods of long workout sessions. They are also easy-to-wash and are durable.
  5. Yoga towels are also a great way to keep your exercise or yoga gear fashionable since you are sure to find an array of styles and colors and choose from them.

Yoga Mat Bags – the ideal carrier for your yoga mat

A yoga mat is one of the most useful accessories that a yoga practitioner can invest in, for obvious reasons. If you own a yoga mat bag, it only stands to reason that you require something to carry it in on your way to class or back home. That’s where a yoga mat bag comes in, in its many style and forms, designs and price range.

If you go looking for the perfect yoga mat bag for you, you will find thousands of options. You will come across backpack-style bags and tote bags with either side-loading zippers or drawstring enclosures. Some yoga mat bags are not only designed to carry around your yoga mat, but also other items, such as towels, keys, wallet, etc.

When buying any product you have to think hard about the quality of the item. The same applies to a yoga bag. While these bags are rather simple bags and come with very few extras, you would still be impressed with the kind of due diligence you need to exercise before you buy them.

Analytically, all the hype about quality could go haywire when you think of the variable sizes of yoga mats. On average, yoga mats come with a size of around 24 inches, so buying a 27-inch yoga bag should be spacious enough. That said, there are other factors that you need to look out for in a yoga mat bag:

  1. Pockets for valuables
  2. Mesh holes or areas to allow the bag to breathe and sweat out the air
  3. Enough padding on the shoulder straps to make it more comfortable

Other essential qualities to look for in yoga mat bags are durability and lightweight. It pays to go for adjustable straps so you can become comfortable when you decide to wear your bag on your shoulders. Most bags nowadays are available with additional colorful prints and designs to provide a chic look. On the other hand, there are also those clear bags that are perfect for the minimalist. In the end, you just need to go for the one you desire. Regardless of what you like, you will surely find the perfect yoga mat bag for you.



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